Graduation Party Ideas & Themes

our list of 35 great graduation party ideas

Congratulations for this big achievement! Our graduates this year deserve to be showered in love and accolades for capping off their senior year (usually the most academically challenging) with an unforgettable grad party! Whether that celebration is in-person, remote, or a combination of the two, there are plenty of unique graduation party ideas to consider.

We have created this in-depth list of unique party decor, graduation games, gifts for guests, and themed menu items. Let these graduation party ideas and games inspire your creative side!

A Grad Party

A Grad Party by Ana Sharpe


Set Up a Photobooth

One great DIY idea to keep your guests on their feet and smiling is to set up a special graduation photo backdrop. Whether indoors or outside, you can set up a unique photo booth that will be sure to keep the party excitement going. First, decide what backdrop you’d like to use as the main element of your photo booth. Possible ideas include foil streamers, draped fabric or curtains, a wood archway, or a natural backdrop. From there, add some flair to your photo booth using balloons and flowers in your school colors. You should be able to purchase mylar “2023” balloons at local grocery stores. For a playful touch, include a table of photo booth props for guests to choose from. These can be anything from “class of 2023” signs to playful glasses and word-bubble/caption signs. You could even set up the photo booth in your driveway or on your lawn for a drive-by-parade. People in the graduation parade could jump out of their car to quickly snap a fun picture standing distanced from the graduate with the backdrop.

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Groovy backdrop

Groovy backdrop by Party with Ava


Prep Your Song List

No party is complete without great music. If you’re a music fanatic, prep your party beforehand by putting together a party playlist that you can start playing once guests arrive. Since you’ll have an array of family and friends attending, be sure to pick classics that everyone will enjoy. Not sure what to include? Save some time by hitting play on a premade Spotify playlist. Have the playlist ready-to-go to help get people up and moving with excitement.

cue the confetti

cue the confetti by Lori Wemple


Monogrammed Cocktail Napkins

Make your graduation party more personal with your initials in the cocktail napkins. This will be a great addition to your party to elevate the overall experience.

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Cool Stir Sticks for Cool Folks

Seize the opportunity to make the graduation party more fun with any details you can. Stir sticks are commonly used to mix drinks, coffee, and tea. Choose a unique design that matches the grad party theme.

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Framed Class Photos Keepsake

Oftentimes, lifelong friends are formed in the classroom. Whether you are celebrating an elementary school, high school, or college graduation, a photo collage of fellow students is always appreciated for years to come. Collect some images of the graduate’s closest friends and piece together a beautiful framed work of art that can be displayed at the party and gifted to the graduate to take with them through the next chapters of their life.

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Grad Cap Toss Game

This is a great graduation party game idea to get the competitive juices flowing. Round up your guests and group together anyone who wants to participate in the game. Just like tossing a bouquet, have your grad stand in an elevated location with their back to guests and toss their cap in the air. The guest who catches the cap will get a prize of your choice! You can even have two or three winners to keep the game going. Alternatively, if you’re looking to do a socially distanced version of this, have each contestant take turns throwing the cap to see who can launch it the furthest. The longest throw wins a prize!

Classic Grad Party

Classic Grad Party by Hooray Creative


Movie night

If you have a backyard or a large living room, set up a movie screen or projector to create a theater-like experience. Choose