graduation 101

10 unique graduation announcement
ideas & trends

Congratulations! This is a big milestone for the graduates and the families. Start planning ways you can celebrate your graduate by reviewing our trendsetting assortment of cards and unique graduation announcement ideas for 2023. We have hundreds of designs geared to commemorate graduations of all kinds this spring and summer.

We offer both graduation party invitations as well as announcements and have curated ten of our favorite design trends from our brand new collection. From classic and formal designs to bold and modern announcements, every graduate will be able to find an announcement or party invitation at Minted that suits their unique personality. Graduates and their loved ones will cherish these printed announcements as keepsakes for years to come.

Typographic Arch

Typographic Arch by Erica Krystek




Capture the memories from this school year with a design featuring multiple photos. Show off photos with friends or an assortment of gorgeous shots from your graduate’s photo session. We have an array of design options inspired by classic polaroid snapshots to give your graduation announcement a retro but timeless feel. Some of our favorites include Stacked tassel by Jessica Corliss and Achievement by MC Designs


Scattered Snapshots

Scattered Snapshots by Jessica Williams



We are seeing the uptrend of colorful designs this year. This is trully fitting to the education journey, especially high school. The multi colors represent many emotions and experiences during this period --from building friendship, acquiring knowledge and skills, deciding the next life's plan, changing perspectives to taking more responsibilities. This mix of emotions and feelings is true for the graduates as well as for the families.

To have a colorful graduation announcement card that is still elegant, go with your school colors to show off your school pride. You can play around design color, ink color, foil color, envelope color to achieve the color combination you have in mind. If you do not see your desired colors available, fear not! You can always make a special design request when personalizing your card and our team of design associates will customize your card uniquely for you.

What Fun

What Fun by Emily Sabol Goss



We have seen arches universally be a popular theme across many announcements and invitations this year. This trend is also happening in the graduation cards. This design element can be achieved through cropping the picture to an arch shape like this Geo Duo by Pixel and Hank. Another option is to choose an arch card shape to the design. Twinkle by Stacey Day is a good example of a design that works really well with this trending card shape.

Arched Graduate

Arched Graduate by Erin Deegan


Then and Now

This creative graduation announcement idea allows students show off how far they have come. This is not only talking about achievements, but also the challenges and harships that happened along the way. In highlighting this journey, we are also remembering all people that motivated them and inspired them.

Remember When

Remember When by Heather Schertzer


Bold Typography

Make a statement with a graduation announcement featuring bold typography. With news this exciting, why not make your graduation announcement shout it from the rooftops? We offer an assortment of designs with body copy like “graduate” and “class of 2023.” We also have a collection of designs that let you highlight the graduates name using bold fully customizable fonts. For a really memorable announcement, add custom foil to your graduate’s name making it pop with real foil.


Swiss Type Grad

Swiss Type Grad by Kelsey Walker


Touch of Shine

Now is the time for the class of 2023 to shine. What better way to make them feel special than with a foil-pressed graduation announcement or party invitation? Minted offers the largest assortment of foil colors to choose from. Options include gold, silver, rose gold, glittery gold, glittery silver, bronze, black, ice blue, red, and green. We also now offer mix-and-match foil, which allows graduates to pair any of these gorgeous foils with a custom card background color. For example, pair a forest green card with gold foil to highlight your school’s colors in an elegant and personal way. Make your announcement even more special by adding these foil colors to any customizable text like the grad’s name, school year, or area of study.



swirl by Everett Paper Goods


Preppy Style

The preppy look is a classic style that originated in the Ivy League schools in the United States during the 1950s. A good start for this style is to plan your photo outfits. Polo, oxford shirts, khakis, blazers in traditional colors like grey, navy, white, beige are some options.

For a preppy card, choose a graduation announcement design that is not flashy or overly trendy. The card should look simple, clean, but polished. Some patterns, such as stripes, checks, and plaids, can also add a unique accent to the card. Since this style emphasizes quality, choose thicker cardstocks like Minted's DoubleThick paper to elevate the overall look and feel of the card. Finish off with a wax seal on the envelope for a classic touch.


Varsity Prep

Varsity Prep by Megan Davis


Tassel was Worth the Hassle

And what a hassle it was this year! The tassel is a special icon when it comes to graduation. Worn on top of the cap (or “mortar board”), the graduate repositions the tassel from the right side to the left to signify the transition from one chapter to the next. Include this important icon in your graduation announcement and choose a foil color that ties to your school colors. Some of our favorite designs featuring tassels include Tassel Arch by Corinne Malesic, Fringe by Lauren Chism and Minimalist Tassel by Stacey Meacham.

tassel wrapped

tassel wrapped by Kamala Nahas


Clever Copy

Show off your sense of humor with a Minted design featuring funny sentiments. Some of our favorites include:

If you are earning a special certification or higher education degree, Minted has graduation announcements with clever copy uniquely suited for these special achievements too: Earning a master’s degree? “ Mastered It” is a playful way to announce this achievement.

Leveling Up

Leveling Up by Amy Payne


Classic & Formal

Classic designs emanate elegance. In the case of choosing a classic graduation announcement card, the key is to keep it simple and draw the attention straight to the grad picture. Play around with the foil color or card shape for an elevated feel.

Finish off with a wax seal on the envelope as a classic and special element to the whole suite.


Sideways Name

Sideways Name by Brittany Braithwaite


1. Get the graduation pictures taken.

Whether you hire a professional photographer or kindly ask your friends to take shots for you, this is a big milestone that definitely needs to be captured. Get some tips and photo ideas with the whole family and closed friends.

2. Personalize a graduation announcement and/or invitation design.

Browse unique grad announcement design and personalize the template with your pictures, name, school, etc. If you are unsure which design will best complement your photo, use Minted’s easy photo-styling service for free. Simply text your photo to 22737, complete our brief style survey, and our team of Minted design stylists will text you back 5 graduation announcement designs selected and styled with your photo for free!

3. Upload your recipient list for a free envelope addressing.

Each Minted's grad announcement and invitation design comes with envelopes in a matching style. We also offer free recipient addressing on the envelopes. Simply upload the recipient names with their addresses to your Minted account.

4. Check out and be excited for your order to come to your door.

Once your cards come, you can easily assemble the main card and the insert card to the envelope. Put the stamp and mail them.

Time to Shine

Time to Shine by Sandra Picco Design


Maybe you haven’t snapped the perfect graduation photo just yet. Minted has some great tips for capturing photos on your cell phone that you’ll be excited to share with friends and family. Looking for ideas on what to wear? There are many choices to make sure your photos feel uniquely you. And remember, you can always plan for numerous outfit changes!

  • Classic cap and gown - Seasons come and go, but the pomp and circumstance stands the test of time. A few shots in the classic commencement garment is always a family favorite.
  • Go casual - Have your favorite school sweater or jacket on hand to capture the everyday nostalgic strolls across campus. Wearing clothes you are most comfortable in will help your photos feel natural.
Shining Frame

Shining Frame by Nicole Walsh

  • School colors - Get creative with this one! Find a creative and stylish outfit to sport the official colors of your high school or university while also conveying your unique fashion sense. Pair the colors and