20 of the best baby shower games

Baby showers are known for their fun games. Regardless of whether you are attending an office party for a co-worker or an intimate party for a close friend, you can guarantee a few hands-on baby shower games will be played. And while the sky's the limit on the number of games you play, traditionally three or four will be scheduled, so there is still time for socializing, eating, and other activities as well. However, if you’re hosting a virtual shower, you may want to include additional games in the timeline because there is less time for socializing and small talk.

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Duration: 10 minutes

How to Play: Put your guests’ pop culture knowledge to the test and see how well they do matching celebrities with their babies. You can find customizable PDFs of this game online and also personalize the look to match the theme of your shower. The only materials you will need for this game are printed versions of the name worksheets and a pen for each guest. Once distributed, ask guests to match each celebrity (in one column) with a baby name (in the other column). Give guests a few minutes to match and then read the answers aloud. The guest with the most correct answers is the winner. Because this baby shower game is relatively quick, it is a great option for a fun icebreaker.

Baby Shoes


Duration: Entire Shower

How to Play: While the previous game can be used as an icebreaker, this game can be used throughout the shower. When guests arrive, have a sign explaining the word that is “forbidden” during the shower (e.g. baby, pregnant, labor) and a basket of clothespins. If the mom is having a girl, buy pink pins. If it’s a boy, buy blue pins for an extra decorative touch. Everyone takes a clothespin at the beginning of the shower and attaches it to their clothing. If you hear the forbidden word used, you take that guest’s clothespin. At the end of the shower, the person with the most clothespins wins. Active baby shower games like this one keep people engaged, mingling, and listening closely to each other in conversation.



Duration: 15 minutes

How to Play: Ask guests to write down a piece of parenting advice they got from their parents on a slip of paper. Put all of the slips in a bowl, mix them up, and let everyone draw one. Have each guest read the piece of advice they drew and have fun guessing who wrote it down, and whether it’s something the mom-to-be would say to her own child. It’s also a game that would work great at a co-ed shower. The supplies needed are minimal. Choose to just play for fun or make it competitive and keep track of the guest that correctly guesses the most submissions.



Duration: Throughout the shower or 15 minutes

How to Play: In your baby shower invitation, ask each guest to bring a photo of themself as an infant or young child. These can be displayed in a frame, on a corkboard, or creatively like this picture. Throughout the shower, guests can write down which guest is associated with each baby photo. Near the end of the shower, reveal who is who. The person with the most right answers wins. If you’re looking to make this game a little more formal, designate 15 minutes for everyone to submit their guesses. Supplies needed include a board or presentation piece of some kind to hang photos on, numbered photos of each guest, a blank numbered list for each guest, and pens or pencils.



Duration: 20 minutes

How to Play: Everyone wants to know what baby is going to look like, so play unique shower games like this one for some insight and some laughs. While we can’t make an actual prediction, we can have some fun, so in advance of the shower ask the parents-to-be to send you a series of photos of each of them making a variety of facial expressions. Print these photos out in advance and cut the photos into horizontal strips that showcase their foreheads, eyes, cheeks, nose, mouth, chin, and neck. Set up a table at the shower that has a collection of all these photo strips and feature a sign asking guests to glue together strips to form a human face of what the baby will look like. Have guests tape their final product to a wall or tack to a corkboard. After the last guest is done, everyone can vote for their favorite face and that person will win a prize. Typically it all ends in hilarity! Supplies needed include photos of the parents, scissors, glue, plain paper, and tape for the wall.

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Image source

Surprise by AK Graphics



Duration: Throughout the shower

How to Play: We all know new parents are sleep-deprived and changing a lot of diapers. So why not use the shower as a chance to provide them with some inspirational diapers they can use during future late nights? This activity is designed for just that! Have a spot at the shower where you lay out diapers and a sign inviting guests to write funny sayings on the front of a diaper. In the end, those sayings will help the parents out when they are half-awake changing a diaper. This game doesn’t have a winner and instead is more of an activity that can be enjoyed throughout the party. Supplies that will be needed are diapers, sharpies, a sign explaining the game, and a basket to put the finished diapers in.

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Duration: 15 minutes

How to Play: Purchase a bunch of baby items and display all of them on a table. In front of all the items, randomly put out the prices of the items on cards. Ask guests to write on their own paper what they think each item costs. Once everyone is done, see who had the closest matches. To organize this game you will need price tag printouts, pens or pencils, a custom shopping list/worksheet for your guests to complete, and an assortment of baby products. Ideas for items include baby shampoo, baby soap, a box of diapers, a pack of wipes, a swaddle blanket, a onesie, baby shoes, a hat, diaper cream, a pacifier, and socks.



Duration: 15 minutes

How to Play: Every expecting mother has tons of questions, so hopefully she doesn’t take this advice! Funny baby shower games like this one will have people in stitches, including the mom-to-be. Distribute notecards and pens to each guest and have them write down a question the mom might have, such as “when should I transition my child to solid food?” Then, have everyone turn the card over and pass it to the guest on her left. Have each person write down a comedic answer to the original question on the back of her new card. Guests can then take turns reading the Q&A cards out loud. The guest whose Q&A gets the loudest laughs wins.

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our little bug by Pati Cascino


Baby Gift Bingo

Duration: 20-25 minutes

How to play: This baby shower game will keep guests engaged, entertained, and on the edge of their seats as the mother-to-be or couple is opening gifts. Distribute bingo cards to each guest (like the one above) and have them write down popular baby shower gift items in each vacant bingo square. As gifts are unwrapped, players can mark off the appropriate squares on their boards until they have five in a row.

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BABY GIFT BINGO by Paper Sun Studio



Duration: 20 minutes

How to play: You may get a little messy with this baby shower game idea but it is well worth it! Gather as many kinds of chocolate bars as you can and melt each one onto a different diaper. Have guests take turns smelling each diaper to try and guess what kind of candy bar it is. The guest who guesses the most amount of correct diapers wins. Supplies needed for this game of scent superiority are diapers, candy bars, pens or pencils, and paper for guests to write down their guesses.



Duration: 15 minutes

How to Play: Divide your guests into two teams and have them take turns acting out funny baby-related actions or concepts such as sleepless nights, teething, rubber duck, and cutting the umbilical cord. The team with the most correct guesses wins. If you are having a hard time coming up with ideas to act out, a quick internet search will yield plenty of templates you can download. A fun prize to hand out to the team that wins is movie tickets since they have proven they are such great actors.



Duration: 15-20 minutes

How to play: Most of us remember some of the nursery rhymes we recited as children. It can be a fun refresher to see which guest at your baby shower is most well-versed when it comes to these youthful rhymes. Create a worksheet that lists lines from well-known nursery rhymes. Players will then be tasked with writing in the next line of the rhyme. Some examples include: “All the king’s horses and all the king’s men… __________________” “The Itsy Bitsy spider climbed up the water spout… __________________” “Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle,... _____________________”



Duration: 10 minutes

How to Play: This baby shower game can serve as the perfect transition between other items and activities on your party agenda. Have guests bring out their inner artist by encouraging them to grab some Play-Doh to create a sculpture of a baby. The Play-Doh sculpting contestants have the freedom to create an abstract arrangement, a funny interpretation of what the newborn baby may look like, or any other creative idea they may have. The mom-to-be will be the final judge that determines the best sculpture. Simply purchase a collection of Play-Doh canisters in various colors and create a sign detailing the game.

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Wild One by Pixel and Hank



Duration: 20 minutes

How to Play: If looking for baby shower game ideas that will get the blood pumping and sweat dripping, look no further. This game is best played outside where there is decent room to move around. Have guests wear a balloon on their stomach under their shirt or dress and waddle to a bucket on the other side of the yard with a sponge between their legs. They must try to drop the sponge into the bucket. When a guest has achieved this, they have to yell “My water broke!” The first person to accomplish this wins. You can play as many rounds as you’d like. This activity is the perfect solution when looking for baby shower games for a large group.



Duration: 15 minutes

How to Play: As we already mentioned, it is inevitable that late-night/early-morning diaper changing will occur under limited visibility. Start practicing now! Set up a changing station complete with a baby-sized doll, diapers, and a blindfold. The goal is for each guest to take a crack at changing the diaper on the doll as fast as possible while blindfolded! Designate one person to run the stopwatch and record everyone’s times.


With the rise in popularity of virtual parties in 2020 and 2021, you may decide to host a virtual baby shower because it allows you to open up your guest list to friends and family located across the continent to attend your celebration! Here are five virtual baby shower ideas that everyone will love.



Duration: 10-15 minutes

How to Play: This is a great game for trivia lovers. Before the shower, create a playlist of lullabies, kid’s songs, and popular songs that have “baby” in the title or lyrics. Or see if you can select songs that match with your theme, such as winter/holiday songs. Before the game starts, ask your guests to mute themselves so no one inadvertently blurts out an answer. Play a 5-10 second snippet of each song. Have guests write down their guesses on a piece of paper and once you’ve gone through the entire playlist, give out the answers! The player with the most correct answers wins.



Duration: 15 minutes

How to Play: This virtual game idea requires some pre-party planning and setup. When collecting RSVPs to your baby shower invitations, ask each guest for a fun story about when they were a baby or were responsible for caring after an infant. Once you have your guests’ facts, create a slideshow presentation with each fact on a separate slide. Include a multiple-choice list of possible answers as to which guest the story relates to. Your guests can be asked to write down their guesses during the game. Whoever earns the most points wins. Arguably the most fun starts when the people with the funniest stories get to share them after the game is over.



Duration: 20 minutes

How to play: If you’re looking for baby shower games for a large group, scavenger hunts are great, especially virtually! Create a list of everyday items most people will likely have in their homes. Explain to your guests that you will say an item and then the first three contestants to find that item in their house and display it in front of the computer camera will earn a point. Sample scavenger hunt items could include a paperclip, popsicle stick, ribbon, and piece of chocolate. After 10 or 15 rounds, tally up which player has the most points.



Duration: 15 minutes

How to Play: Everyone loves to guess on key elements regarding the pregnancy and delivery. What date will the baby be born? Will they be a boy or a girl? How long will labor last? How much will the baby weigh? What color eyes will the newborn have? There are countless other details that can be guessed at prior to the birthdate. Create a form of 10-15 questions and have each virtual party attendee submit their answers. Let everyone know that at a designated time after the baby is born, you will review all the answers and award one guest the “Nostradamus of Baby Showers”.

Free Printable Game Sheets

Image source

baby balloon ride by peetie design



Duration: 10 minutes

How to Play: This game is deceptively hard and really fun. Choose to create your own list of animals or find a worksheet online that matches the theme of your party. You’ll want a list of 10 to 20 animals with the name of adult animals listed on one side and a blank space on the other side for guests to fill in what the animal’s baby name is. Or you could have a worksheet that asks you to match the correct baby name to a list of possible animal names. If playing the game with a virtual crowd, simply present the worksheet for all the attendees to work through.

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Make baby shower games even more fun with enviable prizes! If you announce a noteworthy prize before a game begins, it’s bound to make games a bit more competitive and rousing to participate in. Here are a few fun ideas to consider:

  • Theme-based prize: For example, if you have a jungle theme, you could give away four tickets to the local zoo as a prize. Or if you have a nautical theme, you could offer tickets to the aquarium or a sunset cruise.
  • Custom Gift Basket: Put together custom gift ba