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Minted Envelopes

Luxe envelopes for every stationery need.

Minted Envelopes

A7 Envelopes
(5.25” x 7.25”)

for Invitations, Save the Dates, Holiday Cards & More.

available in more colors

A2 Envelopes
(4.375” x 5.75”)

for Stationery & More.

available in more colors

Petite Envelopes
(4.5” x 6.25”)

for Magnets & Petite Cards.

available in more colors

Standard Square Envelopes
(5.5” x 5.5”)

for Square Holiday Cards, Save the Dates & More.

available in more colors

Grand Square Envelopes
(6.25” x 6.25”)

for Square Wedding Invitations.

available in more colors

Grand Envelopes
(8.3" x 6.01")

for Grand Cards.

available in more colors

A2 Euro Envelopes
(4.375" x 5.75")

for Personal Stationery & Wedding Enclosure Cards.

A7 Euro Envelopes
(5.25” x 7.25”)

for Invitations, Save the Dates, Holiday Cards & More.

Custom Printed Envelopes


At Minted, we offer more than the best in design; we offer the highest quality printed envelopes to complete your correspondence. A chic envelope will elevate your personalized stationery, and make your correspondence a standout in recipients’ mailboxes. Whether you are sending holiday cards, wedding invitations, thank you cards, or anything in between, Minted envelopes will ensure your mailings arrive in style. Our custom printed envelopes are crafted from the highest quality paper and feature modern square flaps that can be sealed with moisture. We use only the best materials to ensure you receive the highest quality envelopes.


Select the perfect envelope for your correspondence with our variety of five sizes, available in both square and rectangular shapes. The Petite Envelopes are the smallest. Measuring at 4.5” x 6.25,” they are a great fit for our magnets and petite cards. Next, we have A2 Envelopes. These are 4.375” X 5.75” and are perfect for stationery, RSVP cards, and more. Third, the Standard Square Envelopes are a perfect 5.5” X 5.5” square and will fit square holiday cards, save the dates, and more. Following the Standard Square Envelopes, we have the Grand Square Envelopes. These measure at 6.25” X 6.25” and will be your go to envelope for square wedding invitations. Lastly, our A7 Envelopes are 5.25” X 7.25” and are perfect for invitations, save the dates, holiday cards, and more. If you are unsure what size envelope you need for your personalized stationery, be sure to check the product details page of your item (including magnets and petite cards) for the dimension information. No matter your stationery selection, we have an envelope size that is just right. But, please note that extra postage is required for square envelopes.

Our personalized envelopes are available in three stylishly neutral colors to complement any stationery selection. Select white, silver, or speckletone kraft, for a stunning envelope sure to standout in recipients’ mailboxes. Our signature white envelope is thick and luxurious in an off-white hue with a creamy cotton texture, usually reserved for fine stationery. This envelope measures at 100lb. text weight and 8 point thickness. Next, the silver envelope features a subtle silver shimmer and smooth, uncoated texture for the ultimate in elegance, measuring to 80 lb. text weight and 6 point thickness. Lastly, the speckletone kraft envelope is a premium kraft envelope with visible texture and natural fibers. This envelope measures at 80 lb. text weight and 5.5 point thickness.


Once you have selected the size, shape and color envelope you need, it is time to design the finished look. At Minted, we are delighted to offer return address printing and FREE recipient address printing on your custom envelopes. Whether you prefer an illustrative, standard, or a classic all-script envelope design, we have the perfect recipient addressing for you. This can then be coordinated with the return address font for chic end-to-end style. Need help gathering new or updated addresses for all of your friends and family? Minted’s Free Digital Address Collection Cards are the perfect way to request and organize your intended recipients’ addresses. Simply, go to the address assistant in your Minted account, and click “Request Addresses,” or select “Request Update” for an existing contact. Then, enter your contact’s email address and we’ll send an email with your own message to request their mailing address. Your contact will then receive an email prompting them to update their address. All recipient addresses will be automatically added or updated in your Minted online address book, making sending out your correspondence a breeze.


Now that you have selected your custom printed envelopes, and know where to send them, complete the look with pre-lined metallic foil envelope liners. Our pre-lined foil liners are available in gold, silver, or rose gold to complement any stationery look. All your envelopes will come with these chic liners already in place, and will be sure to impress.

Sending chic correspondence has never been easier with Minted’s custom printed envelopes.