Slimmer, sleeker, and ready for your gallery

Aluminum-Mounted Acrylic

Minted presents a new way to display with
museum-grade acrylic and precision-engineered
aluminum backing. Designed to elevate the vivid
details of photography.

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The Edge of Innovation

The frameless profile provides a new
minimalist look on reinforced aluminum.

Exquisite Detail

Engineered with crystal-clear acrylic to
elevate sharp colors and linework.

The New Way to Display

Fine art displayed in museum
quality with UV protection.

Gallery Ready

Arrives ready to display with all hanging
elements included for self-installation.



  • Screwdriver
  • Level

Attach the included aluminum
cleat to the wall, ensuring that
it’s level and stable. Anchors are
included for extra stability.


Hold the artwork flush against the
wall and slide down to interlock the
backer cleat with the wall cleat.


Artwork can be removed
easily by lifting upwards to
disengage the lock.


How is aluminum-mounted acrylic artwork printed?
We utilize a silver halide printing process. Prints are created in a darkroom using light-sensitive paper and silver-based chemistry.
Which medium looks best in this format?
We recommend aluminum-mounted acrylic for photography. The silver halide process produces vivid colors, captures the finest details, and is the highest-quality archival printing method for photography. Mounting silver halide photography prints under acrylic ensures a crystal-clear display.
What’s the largest size available for aluminum-mounted acrylic artwork?
Aluminum-mounted acrylic artwork is available in all sizes up to 44"x60".
Is aluminum-mounted acrylic artwork heavier than other formats?
Acrylic prints are actually lighter than our metal framed prints.
Can I hang my aluminum-mounted acrylic artwork myself?
Yes! All pieces are designed with self-installation in mind.
How do I maintain my aluminum-mounted acrylic artwork?
Gently dust your artwork with a dry cotton or microfiber towel.